A Systematic, Customized Approach To Lead Generation

The Lead Generation Operating System is:

- A systematic approach to lead generation for indie consultants and freelancers, with
- Sensible defaults, and
- Sufficient flexibility to help with your situation, and
- Useful templates, to help you
- Take effective action without mental/emotional overwhelm or wasted experimentation.

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    Philip Morgan

    Author of The Positioning Manual for Indie Consultants

    Who am I?

    My work on specialization, cultivating expertise, and monetizing IP helps consultancies build an expertise moat.

    I have helped thousands of consultants use specialization to find a beachhead that leads to greater visibility, profitability, expertise, and success.

    What will you learn?

    You will use this framework to design the best lead generation approach for your situation:

    You will adjust your mindset to avoid the mental and emotional pitfalls that sabotage lead generation efforts.

    You will develop a plan that includes fallback points to avoid over-investing in something that's not working.

    You will develop a solid reason why the kind of lead you want should risk paying attention to you.

    You will turn pre-written templates into a functional lead generation system.

    You will NOT:

    • Spam people.
    • Waste time and effort on lead generation approaches that work for others but are unlikely to work for you.
    • Spend weeks/months building a "digital marketing funnel" only to find out it's based on flawed assumptions.
    • Learn stuff that works for products but fails with expensive, complex services. (The Lead Generation Operating System is for services business, specifically indie consultants and freelancers.)

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